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Obama you are right…

obama-yes-we-can copy


Hard disks in the basement

Hidden treasuresBasements can be so interesting.

Memories stay there, boxed and covered by dust, but some day you open one of these boxes and find again what you’ve forgotten.

Normally you just pack it up again and forget them for other 10 years, but that moment when you find something there’s always a memory attached to it and it’s always hard to throw it away. 

Why? do you fear to loose that memory in the bin?

Our memories are stored in those things becuase they are part of us or we put a bit of us in them.

They are like small wireless hard disks.

Go out!

realityNo more words…


Sometimes we need to start from the basis…

But with the basis you can still do great stuff…

Eine's ShuttersEine‘s shutters alphabet, London

HumanHuman alphabet

Type the skyType the sky by Lisa RienermannLight-writingLight writing alphabet

And for the chairs and design addicted…

furniture alphabetFurniture alphabet by Cody Haltom

chairsChairs by Amandine Alessandra 

Library alphabetBooks by Amandine Alessandra 

inventors or designers?

What’s the difference between an inventor and a designer?

The raw definition are:

An inventor is a person who creates or discovers a new method, form, device or other useful means.

designer is a person who designs something.

What’s the difference? who is the real innovator? who is who?

Like the manifesto of JoeVelluto studio says: “I’m designER than you” “NO, i’m the designEST!”, and so?

i will not give you the answer for sure because i wouldn’t be able to at this stage of my life, but i just say that i always dreamed to be Gyro Gearloose (Archimede pitagorico)…


Dahlgern balancesDahlgern balances 2Dahlgren venice biennaleDahlgren venice biennale 3Dahlgren venice biennale2

Heaven is a place on earth and I, the world, things, life by Jacob Dahlgren

An obsessive repetition of your inner fear like carl andre’s modules and an interactive revisitation of pollock‘s action painting.

Because so much of life depends on random, accidental happenings, past events cannot be recreated. Recollection is the result of the feelings we have associated with these events, not just facts. Repetition is the attempt to “recollect forward” and recapture the feelings of the past. (from Wikipedia)

“Repetition is the reality and the seriousness of life”


Psychological Security

cctv birdhouseSafe birds and safe psicologically…

Pride and prejudiced

Pride and prejudistDid policemen made barriers not to let the pride of the gay demonstration to spread through the city or did they tried to let the prejudist out of the way?

I heard few people at one of this barriers asking to the policemen on charge “Why this barriers? Is there a student demonstartion?” and he replied “It’s the Gay pride…” and so those people just turned their back saying “Oh no i won’t pass then”.

Still Medieval times in italy…

Kids again…

Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data (virtual reality), where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time. (from Wikipedia)

I was talking about the sense of augmented reality while having an aperitif with some friends and today i found this video that pretty much explains the potential and the concept behind this word/world.

Technology let us see something more than our eyes alone can’t. It’s like the visualization of our imagination. What we may have seen when we were kids is now possible to be created.

I use to dream to be a fish in a big cement sink  but that was all in my the future will kids  play in some virtual playgrounds?

May this kill their imagination?

Dreams are the best before they come true..when they become tangible they stop to be dreams…

We had already our reality that was augmented by our imagination..without technology..