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Something new..not just guerrilla gardening but real grass tagging!!!


The country where doorwoman (portinaia) can give you fines

Yes it’s true.

In switzerland power is so spread that the doorwoman acts like a policeman.

I’m gonna migrate there soon and so first rule: be friend with my doorwoman for sure.

In the next months i will show you the differences between our country and what is supposed to be the country with some of the best cities in the world to live in. As business week says.

Another interesting stereotype is the army knife philosophy: it  will never die.

swiss cooking2

swiss cooking

army knife chocolateswiss-army-phonefrom this point we can just go better.

Disgustingly chic recycling

Artist's shit

Piero Manzoni started in 1961 with the 90 cans of shit. 

The shit as a product but also as the methapor of the man that produces in a creative way.

I found some new stuff

 coming from other human “products”…

spit shot

spit shot 2Eric Ku‘s spitshot

UrainUrain2Again Ku…with a disgusting drink…

Is this recycling??? 

should it be considered ecodesign???

Small differences…

it's the hat!same mustache different outcome…