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Do you always get things in focus with an outside help? do you need a “tutor” or can you manually focus yourself? How do you focus your life?

out of focus

First step: you have no idea. Everything is blurry and no perceiveng of reality as it was. Everything seems flat, at the same distance and doesn’t really make sense at all. All your thoughts just confuse the scene and past and present just collide.

alomost out of focus

Second step: you are adapting. Shapes become sharper, meanings start to rise.  Distances become more clear and the fog dissolves. 
almost focusThird step: yes you are here. You know where you are, you just need some more to see forward, to give sense to all the different times: past is in the back, present is real and future is somewhere that you still cannot focus. You just need one step more…