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Feeling Ignorant

“The fastest growing entity today is information. Information is expanding ten times faster than the growth of any other manufactured or natural product on this planet. According to a calculation world-wide information has been increasing at the rate of 66% per year for many decades. Compare that explosion to the rate of increase in even the most prolific manufactured stuff – like concrete, or paper — which averages only 7% annually over decades…Yet the paradox of science is that every answer breeds at least two new questions. More answers, more questions. Telescopes and microscopes expanded not only what we knew, but what we didn’t know. They allowed us to spy into our ignorance. New and better tools permit us new and better questions…Thus even though our knowledge is expanding exponentially, our questions are expanding exponentially faster…In other words, science is a method that chiefly expands our ignorance rather than our knowledge.” (from

The more i’m studying the more i feel ignorant. The more i’m browsing the more i found new things i should know. Am i becoming more and more ignorant because i’m opening too many doors?

Ze french is right!


Data data data

The importance of data to read what it’s happening in the world. Objectively. Think not just believe.

The duty of vision

It’s all about raising angles.

Vision is determined by the angle of view.

Looking at the world from a bubble but not because you are special, but just because you’ve been trapped in. You go up driven by the wind and the exterior is deformed and destructured.

You are part of the world, not divided, but you are lucky to be able to fly. Flying means seeing things from above and raising angles. Seeing things from above means recognizing patterns.

Nature is patterns, men are part of nature so men are patterns themselves. Patterns are the basis to understand, think, rethink, analyze and so translating into new tangible pieces of the pattern.

The vision raises in order to see the future and shape the world due to that vision: it’s responsibility! so paraphrasing spiderman (21th century philosopher) “from great vision comes great responsibility”.

Of course it can be that from up there some will be afraid of heights, but the further you go up the further you see.

If the bubble pops then you fall. parachute just doesn’t work.

A Fish eye makes vision wider, a bubble makes vision higher and distorts it, a mirror reflects you and what’s behind you and a window let you see your context, the reality.

What is a designer eye then?