The duty of vision

It’s all about raising angles.

Vision is determined by the angle of view.

Looking at the world from a bubble but not because you are special, but just because you’ve been trapped in. You go up driven by the wind and the exterior is deformed and destructured.

You are part of the world, not divided, but you are lucky to be able to fly. Flying means seeing things from above and raising angles. Seeing things from above means recognizing patterns.

Nature is patterns, men are part of nature so men are patterns themselves. Patterns are the basis to understand, think, rethink, analyze and so translating into new tangible pieces of the pattern.

The vision raises in order to see the future and shape the world due to that vision: it’s responsibility! so paraphrasing spiderman (21th century philosopher) “from great vision comes great responsibility”.

Of course it can be that from up there some will be afraid of heights, but the further you go up the further you see.

If the bubble pops then you fall. parachute just doesn’t work.

A Fish eye makes vision wider, a bubble makes vision higher and distorts it, a mirror reflects you and what’s behind you and a window let you see your context, the reality.

What is a designer eye then?


One thought on “The duty of vision

  1. YOUJI says:

    Do you know that Japanese have a common wider angle for view than Western people? Meaning that they can see more sky and more land at the same time… and that’s why the standard of the Japanese lens for camera is wider than the European one!

    A cheap horse is rare… though rare things are expensive… therefore a cheap horse is expensive… = You loose yourself playing with words… sometimes, manytimes…

    Anyway I recommand you to read but furthermore to understand Alberti vision, and how he ‘invented’ the perspective in a humanistic and hedonistic way. He is ZE Universal Man of the Renaissance. ZE interesting guy to study.


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