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So natural interaction

Installation by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot at Barbican art gallery

If Buddhist are right, then Jimi is back in an other body i think.


Random A’dam

Smile like you mean it…

Beside the song from the Killers…this is real and quite incredibly stereotypically japanese…

Nights of immersion

Probably my face wasn’t much better…

immersed or submerged in the deepnes of dutch nights…

the more i work at late nights the more i don’t understand why i masochistically like them so much…beside the already said masochism…

this feeling of diziness, with a hint of San simone creates a state of mental flow that is extremely pleasurable, but brings pain or as Yoann says in a more philosophical ..ze body stretch from homeostasis state…

I mean, i’m standing in front of the laptop waiting for a rendering to come, but i don’t feel bad or stressed…time stretches and becomes relative when you get in this mad masochistic nerdish underwater, undertime and underestimated moment of painful freedom.

R as responsibility

A critical/iconic lamp by Bevk Perović Arhitekti

There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them (Victor Papanek).

Responsibility is what is need to be pursued for the design that is going to come.

Responsibility on the choices one takes during the design process, because these choices can influence how the project goes.

Responsibility towards users, meaning that a product has to be used by people and their perception is basic to understand if it is going to be useful or just landfill.

Great ideas just click!

thanks to the coffee this morning and to the organic gun of existenz

and youtube sculpture?

a sculpture/installation by Costant Dullart

Interactive youtube????

well..just try on the vdeo and go to the real interactive youtube version..