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Designer’s action figure

nicely sterotypic irony by Mary Huang.

Do you fit in?


Wirlessly speaking…

In time of digital life and human solitude not even neighbors are able to interact physically..and here it is a very unobtrusive and new way of communicating..

some more interesting at passive aggressive notes


for all the diagonalists…by Matt Brown

Designer’s masochism

The embodiment of the task leads the designer to feel pain. The more he put energy in his work the more pain he will feel but the more pleasure he will withdraw from it, so the pleasure of the designer is a masochist. “No Pain, no gain”.

from Unloading project research with Yoann Rouillac

By the way..the graphics are real scars on the body of Stefan Sagmaister, made by his assistant, great stuff Dennis..

Dutch surprises

Cultural differences.

Complaining is no option, adaptation is, but my inner italian perception over food quality is quite difficult to cope with.

But some stuff it’s always nicely surprising.

A nice snack shop where you can get 24/7 an hamburger or even Nasi goren (indo rice)…Fresh right?

Motor oil or mayonese?

Almost personal Crisis furniture

When the time of money restriction comes the brain has to work.
I won’t state Darwin because he would probably roll in his grave.
Surviving instinct combined with shortage of resources and a need to furnish a new house brought to a need driven solution.
Need 1: Don’t leave all my culture (books) in a box.
Need 2: What do i do with all my moving boxes?

Solution: Hacking ikea!
Ikea is cheap but can be cheaper.
1 strong carton box= 70 cents
My total personal bookshelf= 3.10 euros
Having the impression of having done something yourself and going against the normal consumerism system: priceless.

Naturally mac…

My new expiring mac skin…

Probably more useful that the new Ipad…