Almost personal Crisis furniture

When the time of money restriction comes the brain has to work.
I won’t state Darwin because he would probably roll in his grave.
Surviving instinct combined with shortage of resources and a need to furnish a new house brought to a need driven solution.
Need 1: Don’t leave all my culture (books) in a box.
Need 2: What do i do with all my moving boxes?

Solution: Hacking ikea!
Ikea is cheap but can be cheaper.
1 strong carton box= 70 cents
My total personal bookshelf= 3.10 euros
Having the impression of having done something yourself and going against the normal consumerism system: priceless.


One thought on “Almost personal Crisis furniture

  1. Luuk says:

    And now not spoiling your home-made coffee on the bookshelf or you will be running to the Ikea crying

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