We need data!

I woke up today in the right mood for giving some critics to everything on my way…and suddendly i’ve seen some headings on the Repubblica about what’s happening back home in my loved and hated italy..and i really can’t stand it..

Information is distorted, words are used with other meanings…and it looks like people don’t understand what’s happening..or just can’t do anything about it..

Are we suddendly becoming stupid? no..but our way of understanding is changing…we need vizualization..quick and direct way of saying what’s happening..something that punches..something that goes straight from the cornea to the brain and makes you realize..

Raw data are objective, people opinion less. Understanding trough other people words makes the piece of information already altered. Of course visualizing data implies already a subjective choice of what data to show, but numbers are numbers. And visual information can be a common language understood by everyone.

Check how real visualized data can change your view of the “third world”..

How a single economical graph can become something else ( by Michael Najaar)..

Let’s now go a bit deeper into politics..let’s see what is done by Obama’s graph guy Edward Tufte

Is it all real data? we don’t know..is it understandable? o yeah..

Let’s start gaining data and communicate them..let’s put them togheter chronologically and see evolution (or de-evolution)..

We need it!


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