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Weight of words issue 1

Tonight i will start putting online something new…not just things i find, but data i’ve found that needed to be processed, communicated and translated into information, as Walter Aprile said the other day “data is a difference and information is the difference that makes a difference”…so here it starts my new obsession…

Berlusconi on NY Times:

Italian politics abroad are probably better than the comic let’s see what were the most linked words, in the new york times articles, to the name of our Prime comedian in the last 15 years (since he decided to enter the “duty free zone” of politics).

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here you can find the bigger size…

just pure data translated..judge it your self..


Sneakers are the new turntables…

and it’s real check it here by Daito Manabe


What’s our role? Where are we influencing? What’s our scale? Why designing and what?

it’s all about point of views…

And also a biosphere at a different scale? possible? yes..tried, testes and lived…

Humans are the sex organs of technology

From Kevin Kelly in The Technium

“There is no autonomously reproducing technology, and there is no autonomously sustainable technology. Instead we have an infant technium, that like a baby, has its own demands. Even a small child will quickly train its parents to meet its wants as well as its needs. It uses its weak powers to gain resources (food, attention, permission) in order to grow. If we stand back far enough we can see that technology tends to create an environment that favors the growth of yet more technology. Technology rarely makes it harder to make more technology. The technium is geared to keep expanding the technium. Technology has trained us, its parents and its gonads. Technology makes humans wealthier, with more leisure to consume, which leads to more technology. The more technology we make, the more we need to make to keep it all going. This positive feedback loop is exactly the kind of self-preservation strategy a system with its own agenda would develop.

Technology cannot reproduce itself without our help at the moment, but it is expanding, growing more complex, and smarter. Most importantly, the technium is evolving faster every day. While it depends on us, we are increasingly dependent on it. Like any child, it has its demands. So far, humanity as a whole is in denial that it even has a child.”

What if RepRap will expand and get life a different meaning?