Monthly Archives: June 2010

Powerful branding

The best product found at my corner store in R’dam..

Great name for a great product..

i would like to know if the company actually paid someone for the campaign…


3 a.m. Design Humorism

by Nathan W Pyle

Design Research toolkit

Dear design researcher and dear voyeurs..a new solution for you…

Accidental design episode 2

Need again.. no stands..stopmotion to do..lovely day in Delft…

Accidental design

When need becomes creativity..two beers two elastic and 35 degrees..

Dutch beer and Italian accidental design in Taiwan..

Finding a job??

one idea, one plan, awesome…

Street dinner menu (taiwan special)

A neverending discovery of taste, shapes and flavours..a complete explosion of cultural difference in the street..a continuous discovery and wonder throughout all your senses..Taiwan’s (personal) best street dinner..

After a day walking at 30 degrees and 85 % humidity..Let’s start with a refreshing surprising tea..bubble tea with tapioca bubbles..

On my way down why not some sushi flavoured chips at the local 7eleven…

If you are brave enough..after dribbling the stinky tofu..a nice hundred year old egg..

for the main course definitely run for the pork amazing sausage..magic flavour.. and handy to eat..

and maybe a nice squid in the same style…at the local night market..

and of course finish with some awesome kilos of mangos, papaya and pineapple..that somehow looks like falling from the sky..