Monthly Archives: September 2010

Rules of saving

Someone told me to never save my files with the name final…

because it would never work and you’ll end up in an infinite loop..well..he was right..


Open Source Space Invaders

Most of us maybe one day when there kids wanted to be an astronaut or at least be able to go up there..

actually nowadays just 9% of the kids wants that, cos they think being a popstar is cooler, but for all the rest of us that had that dream and unfortunately life let our feet stuck in the ground, there’s a new hope.

Hojun Song from Korea (daaamn those koreans) is trying to make GOD (Global Orbiting Device)go to space, communicate with it and make it open source…fuck Nasa we got Ossi!

There’s also a manual do build your own in case here.

check the video here


Back from the unconnected moment in my life..i have again time to share..maybe..

the big question of these weeks is..what is connectivity??