Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ok..i’m not sick

well..i always thought that people doing stopmotions had quite a nice twisted mind…but this is..



Words as i already tried to see have weight…

The news everyday tell us about the “white” house, or the “red” carpet or about some “blue” dolphins sold in the “black” market saved by “green” peace… well Vogue decide each year which is the new black, but colors may come also from what we say.

I’ve been playing with the Processing library Json to scan the Times Api and i’ve turned those words into colors and mixed them to see what is the really “said” colour of the year: Newschromia.

On reactivision..

I don’t know if it’s just cos i tagged reactivision, but yes..sketchonary is on the official Reactivision page on vimeo..sorry just some self ego pump..