Who is your profile?

Taking inspiration from some “highly academic” reference…this is in my opinion the best image of social networking…

Beside the fact that i know that i created it and i’m seriously understanding that i’m hooked to it, My profile has is own life and says things i may not know…

My mother calls me and tells me that she showed the pics of me bathing some weeks ago with a furry hat to her office friends and they found it super funny…Some issues are coming out of this situation…

Well first of all, why my mother is in my friendlist? Check above..

Why do i have to give an explanation of something that was real online but that it may have not been for her as i probably was going to tell her?

And Why was i bathing anyway in Rotterdam in January?

Is Facebook the equivalent to the ’90s experience of flickering through channels compulsively on the TV but with a 1984 style broadcasted people’s life channels?

If the famous tree that falls in the forest alone would have a profile for sure everybody would know that he did actually fall…

P.s. As i post this blog on facebook she will probably soon ask me why i wouldn’t want to tell her what i did…Meta level mother problems..


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