Monthly Archives: October 2011

Ah the future…

The great thing about machine is that they do what they’re told.


Where is the resurrection app??

Back in the days a bearded guy turned water in wine and today another bearded guy but with shorter hair turned computer into phones or reverse or however something “smart” (relatively).

Anyway both didn’t have much sense of fashion.

Two facts in semi rapid succession popped out in the last months and they both kinda freak me out (not in a disturbing way, but almost)

First, that  brand devoted fans were discovered to have the same neurological feedback as religious people when exposed to their “own religious symbol” (crosses or apples)…ouch..

And Second, that people turned Apple stores into flower pots for the “digital messiah”…ahhhh…

As a generally cynic person i don’t really care about the death itself of the man, anyway an unfortunate and tragic event, but more on the whole reaction and thinking that brought up. Some interesting stuff already on this video..

No idea of the #ISad count, so many articles of people telling how he changed their lives, how using an ipad chaged their son life, how his words changed the perception of the world…yeah?

I guess jesus was missing twitter…

So what’s next?

Mac stores opening on sunday morning at 10, people most likely starting to have apple tattooed and quotations, Saint Steve protector of technology and mp3 downloading (with an 83 page bible of terms and conditions)?

Still waiting for the multiplying of my ipod memory and the resurrection app…



Starting again…

got lost in between situations..

probably too much to share and not enough time or too many places to share and not enough to say..well..

what’s anyway the point of a blog when i can follow tweets from random and totally uninteresting people also on facebook now..

even tough i hate quoting..cannot stop loving this sentence from one of my new myths..

“Anyone from outer space would look at this planet and say, ‘I want to see the manager'” W.S. Burroughs.

i agree.