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On reactivision..

I don’t know if it’s just cos i tagged reactivision, but yes..sketchonary is on the official Reactivision page on vimeo..sorry just some self ego pump..



the final fatigue…

the first teaser…

new way of sketching?

Street dinner menu (taiwan special)

A neverending discovery of taste, shapes and flavours..a complete explosion of cultural difference in the street..a continuous discovery and wonder throughout all your senses..Taiwan’s (personal) best street dinner..

After a day walking at 30 degrees and 85 % humidity..Let’s start with a refreshing surprising tea..bubble tea with tapioca bubbles..

On my way down why not some sushi flavoured chips at the local 7eleven…

If you are brave enough..after dribbling the stinky tofu..a nice hundred year old egg..

for the main course definitely run for the pork amazing sausage..magic flavour.. and handy to eat..

and maybe a nice squid in the same style…at the local night market..

and of course finish with some awesome kilos of mangos, papaya and pineapple..that somehow looks like falling from the sky..

Weight of words issue 1

Tonight i will start putting online something new…not just things i find, but data i’ve found that needed to be processed, communicated and translated into information, as Walter Aprile said the other day “data is a difference and information is the difference that makes a difference”…so here it starts my new obsession…

Berlusconi on NY Times:

Italian politics abroad are probably better than the comic let’s see what were the most linked words, in the new york times articles, to the name of our Prime comedian in the last 15 years (since he decided to enter the “duty free zone” of politics).

Hosted by

here you can find the bigger size…

just pure data translated..judge it your self..

Dirty technology…

Tired of shuffling random pictures on the Microsoft Table, Sick of random sounds on the Reactable, Done with the impeccable whiteness and clean cut of every single Apple product?

Some new interface for you..Dirty dirty interface!


for all the diagonalists…by Matt Brown

Dutch surprises

Cultural differences.

Complaining is no option, adaptation is, but my inner italian perception over food quality is quite difficult to cope with.

But some stuff it’s always nicely surprising.

A nice snack shop where you can get 24/7 an hamburger or even Nasi goren (indo rice)…Fresh right?

Motor oil or mayonese?

Almost personal Crisis furniture

When the time of money restriction comes the brain has to work.
I won’t state Darwin because he would probably roll in his grave.
Surviving instinct combined with shortage of resources and a need to furnish a new house brought to a need driven solution.
Need 1: Don’t leave all my culture (books) in a box.
Need 2: What do i do with all my moving boxes?

Solution: Hacking ikea!
Ikea is cheap but can be cheaper.
1 strong carton box= 70 cents
My total personal bookshelf= 3.10 euros
Having the impression of having done something yourself and going against the normal consumerism system: priceless.