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Where is the resurrection app??

Back in the days a bearded guy turned water in wine and today another bearded guy but with shorter hair turned computer into phones or reverse or however something “smart” (relatively).

Anyway both didn’t have much sense of fashion.

Two facts in semi rapid succession popped out in the last months and they both kinda freak me out (not in a disturbing way, but almost)

First, that  brand devoted fans were discovered to have the same neurological feedback as religious people when exposed to their “own religious symbol” (crosses or apples)…ouch..

And Second, that people turned Apple stores into flower pots for the “digital messiah”…ahhhh…

As a generally cynic person i don’t really care about the death itself of the man, anyway an unfortunate and tragic event, but more on the whole reaction and thinking that brought up. Some interesting stuff already on this video..

No idea of the #ISad count, so many articles of people telling how he changed their lives, how using an ipad chaged their son life, how his words changed the perception of the world…yeah?

I guess jesus was missing twitter…

So what’s next?

Mac stores opening on sunday morning at 10, people most likely starting to have apple tattooed and quotations, Saint Steve protector of technology and mp3 downloading (with an 83 page bible of terms and conditions)?

Still waiting for the multiplying of my ipod memory and the resurrection app…




Starting again…

got lost in between situations..

probably too much to share and not enough time or too many places to share and not enough to say..well..

what’s anyway the point of a blog when i can follow tweets from random and totally uninteresting people also on facebook now..

even tough i hate quoting..cannot stop loving this sentence from one of my new myths..

“Anyone from outer space would look at this planet and say, ‘I want to see the manager'” W.S. Burroughs.

i agree.


Who is your profile?

Taking inspiration from some “highly academic” reference…this is in my opinion the best image of social networking…

Beside the fact that i know that i created it and i’m seriously understanding that i’m hooked to it, My profile has is own life and says things i may not know…

My mother calls me and tells me that she showed the pics of me bathing some weeks ago with a furry hat to her office friends and they found it super funny…Some issues are coming out of this situation…

Well first of all, why my mother is in my friendlist? Check above..

Why do i have to give an explanation of something that was real online but that it may have not been for her as i probably was going to tell her?

And Why was i bathing anyway in Rotterdam in January?

Is Facebook the equivalent to the ’90s experience of flickering through channels compulsively on the TV but with a 1984 style broadcasted people’s life channels?

If the famous tree that falls in the forest alone would have a profile for sure everybody would know that he did actually fall…

P.s. As i post this blog on facebook she will probably soon ask me why i wouldn’t want to tell her what i did…Meta level mother problems..

Hello world pt.2

And finally i breathe.

Two things has to be said that clarify the rebirth of my online voice.

When your life becomes only doing, it quite sucks.

When lost in routine doing becomes being and the continuos amount of sequential events take over the perception of the time passing. Thinking is closely related to a goal, the continuous and far goal of becoming and achieving, making each single moment an “after something” and a “before something else”. Free thinking becomes another work, that sometimes goes under the list of all those “well, fuck it”.

My father told me some months ago ” at the end you can say what you want, you can go around it, but your work IS your life”. Weird feeling when you get to realize it.

English gives us already a nice hint of this situation…asking “how are you doing?” i said Doing is Being.

But you can also be without doing anything, When you stop, what happens? who are you doing?

I’m open to understand this soon.

Another important thing is that i won’t quote anymore  important people that i don’t know.

This means that quoting is a nice way to say what you don’t want to say and sounds cool.

Quotes are normally out of context and well i prefer to say things myself or rather quote my baker as he has more understanding the context i’m living in rather then some random book person.

If you disagree i kindly don’t care.


Words as i already tried to see have weight…

The news everyday tell us about the “white” house, or the “red” carpet or about some “blue” dolphins sold in the “black” market saved by “green” peace… well Vogue decide each year which is the new black, but colors may come also from what we say.

I’ve been playing with the Processing library Json to scan the Times Api and i’ve turned those words into colors and mixed them to see what is the really “said” colour of the year: Newschromia.

In-descreetly asian

Asia is definitely bringing me new linfa..i don’t know exactly why but i feel a magnetic attraction coming from east..i would say dumplings probably..

and well Taiwan, Malaysia, year has been definitely asian..

nature sound and the relationship between them was also live yesterday in R’dam Camera Japan festival

is japan my next destination then?

Weight of words issue 1

Tonight i will start putting online something new…not just things i find, but data i’ve found that needed to be processed, communicated and translated into information, as Walter Aprile said the other day “data is a difference and information is the difference that makes a difference”…so here it starts my new obsession…

Berlusconi on NY Times:

Italian politics abroad are probably better than the comic let’s see what were the most linked words, in the new york times articles, to the name of our Prime comedian in the last 15 years (since he decided to enter the “duty free zone” of politics).

Hosted by

here you can find the bigger size…

just pure data translated..judge it your self..


What’s our role? Where are we influencing? What’s our scale? Why designing and what?

it’s all about point of views…

And also a biosphere at a different scale? possible? yes..tried, testes and lived…

Humans are the sex organs of technology

From Kevin Kelly in The Technium

“There is no autonomously reproducing technology, and there is no autonomously sustainable technology. Instead we have an infant technium, that like a baby, has its own demands. Even a small child will quickly train its parents to meet its wants as well as its needs. It uses its weak powers to gain resources (food, attention, permission) in order to grow. If we stand back far enough we can see that technology tends to create an environment that favors the growth of yet more technology. Technology rarely makes it harder to make more technology. The technium is geared to keep expanding the technium. Technology has trained us, its parents and its gonads. Technology makes humans wealthier, with more leisure to consume, which leads to more technology. The more technology we make, the more we need to make to keep it all going. This positive feedback loop is exactly the kind of self-preservation strategy a system with its own agenda would develop.

Technology cannot reproduce itself without our help at the moment, but it is expanding, growing more complex, and smarter. Most importantly, the technium is evolving faster every day. While it depends on us, we are increasingly dependent on it. Like any child, it has its demands. So far, humanity as a whole is in denial that it even has a child.”

What if RepRap will expand and get life a different meaning?

We need data!

I woke up today in the right mood for giving some critics to everything on my way…and suddendly i’ve seen some headings on the Repubblica about what’s happening back home in my loved and hated italy..and i really can’t stand it..

Information is distorted, words are used with other meanings…and it looks like people don’t understand what’s happening..or just can’t do anything about it..

Are we suddendly becoming stupid? no..but our way of understanding is changing…we need vizualization..quick and direct way of saying what’s happening..something that punches..something that goes straight from the cornea to the brain and makes you realize..

Raw data are objective, people opinion less. Understanding trough other people words makes the piece of information already altered. Of course visualizing data implies already a subjective choice of what data to show, but numbers are numbers. And visual information can be a common language understood by everyone.

Check how real visualized data can change your view of the “third world”..

How a single economical graph can become something else ( by Michael Najaar)..

Let’s now go a bit deeper into politics..let’s see what is done by Obama’s graph guy Edward Tufte

Is it all real data? we don’t it understandable? o yeah..

Let’s start gaining data and communicate them..let’s put them togheter chronologically and see evolution (or de-evolution)..

We need it!