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What would you do?



Something new..not just guerrilla gardening but real grass tagging!!!

Pride and prejudiced

Pride and prejudistDid policemen made barriers not to let the pride of the gay demonstration to spread through the city or did they tried to let the prejudist out of the way?

I heard few people at one of this barriers asking to the policemen on charge “Why this barriers? Is there a student demonstartion?” and he replied “It’s the Gay pride…” and so those people just turned their back saying “Oh no i won’t pass then”.

Still Medieval times in italy…

Tempura street dandys


Tempura'n'beerChilling, Socializing, being cool, look good and living life.
A dandy follows the religion of aesthetics, like Baudelaire would say.
They live easy, relaxed, driven by social life and leisure, looking for the cool things and surrounded by beauty. Is this objectionable?
In all the major city of the world a lot of people are trying to be as dandy as they can…why not? 
What’s the point of not looking for the nicest things? 
Brick Lane is now new breed dandys playground.
New dandys lives here and they don’t have tuxedos. They sit on the ground, chilling, listening music, buy records,drive their fixed bike.
Weird becomes beutiful, ugly becomes cool, experimentation brings to innovation and the edge runs always further…social and fashion evolution.
Botero loved fat, we love bones and silicon…
However the point is not to analize this and criticize it, but to live it.
So What’s best than a huge tiger tempura shrimp while drinking an ice cold beer sitting on a concrete step with friends in tempura street?
I wanna be a  tempura street dandy too…You?