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Ah the future…

The great thing about machine is that they do what they’re told.


Linking Entropy

How easily can you get lost while browsing…The measure of dissipated energy in linking…

Ok..i’m not sick

well..i always thought that people doing stopmotions had quite a nice twisted mind…but this is..

Pinocchio was right

Whe did technologies entered the mobile world?

As Bill Buxton stated in his keynote at Design by Fire last wednesday, innovation has a long nose.

There is a very long under radar time when technologies are there, somewhere published or showed, but no one sniffs them. Touchscreen are out there from 1972…

Multitouch and pinching was existing around the same time as Pong, with Myron Krueger’s Videoplace.

But it was amazingly new when it entered the market in 2007 with the Iphone..just 3 decades after..

So Where is the next tech to sniff?

Anyway to start i have to saying more lies and hope to have pinocchio’s genes or else start sniffing around..

So i lost my time lately in mapping where and when most of the implementations, that makes our mobile devices so smart, come the image to see more..

Fire and the wheel

Laser cut, plywood and a servo..the new discovery of fire applied to the wheel..more or less..

technology with a prehistoric warm touch..

Fixed nipples

Happy birthday to me..

Well..what happens when your bike get ransomed by your housemates without you realizing it?

lovely bored housemates, my birthday the next day and the joyful herbs of holland created the perfect situation for the transformation of my bike..

woke up this morning with this new version..of a turgid rather then fixed..

Rules of saving

Someone told me to never save my files with the name final…

because it would never work and you’ll end up in an infinite loop..well..he was right..

Open Source Space Invaders

Most of us maybe one day when there kids wanted to be an astronaut or at least be able to go up there..

actually nowadays just 9% of the kids wants that, cos they think being a popstar is cooler, but for all the rest of us that had that dream and unfortunately life let our feet stuck in the ground, there’s a new hope.

Hojun Song from Korea (daaamn those koreans) is trying to make GOD (Global Orbiting Device)go to space, communicate with it and make it open source…fuck Nasa we got Ossi!

There’s also a manual do build your own in case here.

check the video here